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WINNET — Windows Based Data Collection Software

A typical industrial data collection system requires hardware to capture operator or machine input data and software to organize and store the captured data. The hardware must be networked into a single host computer that runs the data collection software application. Hardware for data collection is simple, reliable, and economical using the TNET data collection system and TransTerm data terminals.

WINNET supports all of the models of shop floor terminals made by ComputerWise including all of the optional data input/output facilities such as bar code scanners, magnetic card reader, RFID reader, touch memory reader, weigand reader, pulse counter inputs, control relay outputs.

This family of industrial grade products includes operator input terminals and interface modules that combine to provide a complete hardware solution.   The data collection software is responsible for prompting the operators for the appropriate data input and collecting the responses into a manageable form. Typically, this application runs in the “background” collecting data continually and saving it in a file that can be used by other applications or to update a database system.

The WINNET program is a data collection software package for data collection under the Windows operating system. WINNET is a 32-bit Windows application and is fully compatible with WIN3.x, WIN9x and NT in all respects.

Possible applications for WINNET include:

Shop floor data capture or data collection
Factory floor data capture
Factory floor data collection
Factory data collection
Manufacturing data collection
Labor data collection and labor tracking