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TransTerm 8B ‘BASIC’ Computer


The TransTerm 8B ‘BASIC’ Computer is a hand-held battery powered portable data collector suitable for a variety of applications including inventory tracking, route accounting, order entry, and other remote data collection applications. The “TT8B” is built to stand up to harsh environments and handling. The keypad is unaffected by most chemicals and solvents and the large keys are easy to press even with gloved fingers. The 32 character display is suitable for prompts and instructions as well as the operator entered data, and the optional barcode scanner delivers fast and accurate data collection. User developed ‘BASIC’ Programs can be easily created, edited, debugged, uploaded and downloaded using a menu driven PC utility program (via a RS-232 port either directly connected or remotely connected through an external modem).


Basic interpreter

The TT8B has a built-in BASIC language interpreter that recognizes an abbreviated version of the BASIC language (TTBASIC). TTBASIC supports a set of functions and statements for memory initialization, program control, and input/output of data. Each program statement has a preceding integer line number. The statements are stored is ascending order in the program memory. TTBASIC statements can PROMPT the operator to enter data, recognize alpha numeric data from the keypad or optional barcode scanner, validate the input and review and/or edit the data in memory. BASIC routines can PRINT to the serial port or display, INPUT from the serial port, keypad or barcode reader, manipulate Integers, real numbers and string variables. Several Math functions are supported, and even the tone and duration of the beeper can be user controlled. The Interpreter operates in 3 modes:

  1. DIRECT mode – Executes a TTBASIC statement immediately.
  2. RUN mode – Executes a TTBASIC program downloaded to the TransTerm.
  3. TERMINAL mode – Emulates a dumb terminal.

TT8B Datasheet (151k/PDF documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader pdf)