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TransTerm 7C Handheld Data Collector


THE TRANSTERM 7C is a hand-held portable battery powered data collector. This general purpose device can be used for physical inventory, route accounting, order entry, and general purpose data collection. The unit is built to withstand harsh environments and handling. The keypad is unaffected by most chemicals and solvents and the large keys are easy to press even with gloved fingers. The 32 character display is suitable for operator prompting and displaying operator entered data. Also available is the TT7B which functions as a basic ASCII portable data collector . Please contact us for more information.


  • The TransTerm 7C “PROMPTS” the operator to enter data (presents instructions for data entry to the display). 
  • The operator inputs alphanumeric data via the keypad or using the optional barcode scanner.
  • The data is displayed and optionally validated (a validation file and/or string can be programmed into the TransTerm 7C).
  • The TIME and/or DATE can be optionally appended to each entry or to each sequence of prompts.
  • The data is stored in memory (The “Arrow” keys can be used to review and/or edit the data in memory).
  • The data is later uploaded to a host computer (either directly connected RS-232 or remotely connected through an external mode

TT7C Datasheet (166k/PDF documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader pdf)