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Transterm 6 Data Terminal


The TransTerm 6 is an economical solution to alphanumeric data entry applications where small size and light weight are important considerations. Diverse industrial data collection requirements such as employee time and attendance, work flow tracking, and inventory and production control are but a few of the uses to which the TransTerm 6 can be applied. The TransTerm 6 is small and easy for untrained personnel to operate, its not “intimidating” to those non­computer types. The unit is built of aluminum to withstand harsh environments and handling, and the hermetically sealed membrane keyboard is full-sized and unaffected by grease, and most chemicals and solvents. The two line 80 character LC display has ample capacity for computer generated prompts and instructions as well as for operator entered data to be simultaneously displayed. The standard RS-232C communications interface provides the means to directly connect the TransTerm 6 to most computer systems. Or, the optional RS-422 TNET interface allows up to 250 terminals to be connected on a common network into a central network controller which then hooks to the host computer via an RS-232 communications port. Also available is an off-the-shelf data collection program for a PC/AT/PS2 type computer which can shorten implementation time.



The TransTerm 6 can operate in one of three modes:

  • TTY Mode
  • TNET Multidrop Mode

In TTY and BLOCK SEND modes, ASCII data received by the TransTerm 6 is placed on the display at the cursor position. The cursor moves from left to right and from the top to bottom. In the TTY mode, keyboarded data is transmitted as it is keyed. In the BLOCK SEND mode and in the TNET multi-drop mode, keyed data is locally placed on the display and transmitted only after the ENTER key is pressed. In the TNET mode, the TransTerm 6 must be selected with its address in order to receive and process data or send ENTERed data. In all three modes, the terminal recognizes the various ASCII control codes and numerous ESCape sequence commands.

TT6 Datasheet (149k/PDF documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader pdf)