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Transterm ‘BASIC’ Programmable Terminal


The TransTerm 5C ‘BASIC’ Terminal is a computer programmable in an abbreviated version of the BASIC language (TTBASIC). Using it’s flexible programming resources, the terminal can be adapted to a wide variety of stand-alone applications, such as data collection, activity tracking, event timing, and equipment control (optional equipment may be required). The standard unit comes with a 2-line display, 24-key keypad, serial port, time-of-day clock and 32K bytes of battery backed up program/data memory.


Basic Interpreter

The Basic Interpreter operates in 3 modes:

  1. DIRECT mode – Executes a TTBASIC statement immediately.
  2. RUN mode – Executes a TTBASIC program downloaded to the TransTerm.
  3. TERMINAL mode – Emulates a dumb terminal.

The interpreter recognizes a full set of functions and statements that provide memory initialization, program control, and input/output of data. Each program statement has a preceding integer line number. The statements are stored is ascending order in the program memory.