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TNET System

Introduction to TNET

If you have been searching for affordable shop floor data collection you need to look no further than ComputerWise’s TNET system which can put interactive data entry/display terminals at each of your in-plant work stations for under $500. per station . TNET is a simple, easy-to-install system which front-ends your in-house computer and can deliver up-to-the-minute data, either key-entered or barcoded, for applications such as:

• Shop floor data collection or data capture
• Shop floor software
• Shop floor data capture
• Shop floor data collection

• Factory floor data capture
• Factory floor data collection
• Manufacturing data collection
• Labor data collection

• Labor tracking software
• Factory data collection
• Time and attendance
• Records management

• Work in process (WIP) tracking
• Inventory and production control
• Shop floor labor tracking
• Production tracking



“TNET”, which stands for TransTerm NETwork, is the equipment (hardware) and interconnecting cable which together form an interactive data collection system. Software is available to integrate TNET into a variety of applications. TNET supports any of our TransTerm terminals and is controlled by the TIM1B network controller which connects to your host computer system via an RS-232 serial communications port.

Beyond the TIM1B (RS-422 communications), the network consists of TLD2 hubs and Data entry Terminals. Up to four terminals or TLD2s can be connected directly to a TIM1B. The TLD2s (Hubs) can be interspersed up to 2000 feet apart with one to six terminals connected to each TLD2. The network is interconnected with eight-conductor modular telephone cable which installs quickly and easily.

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