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TLD2 TNET Line Driver


The TlD2 is used to connect terminals to the TNET System. The TNET (TransTerm Network) is an on-line real time interactive data communication system with which up to 250 remote terminals can send and receive messages to and from a central host computer. The TLD2 functions as both a repeater and a hub on the network. Each TLD2 provides six (6) additional ports to attach terminals to the TNET network. The TLD2 has one input port and seven output ports. Typically, the port labeled “IN” connects to the TNET Network Controller or to an “upstream” TLD2’s “OUT” port, the ports labeled “1” through “6” connect to individual terminals, and the port labeled “OUT” connects to the next “downstream” TLD2’s “IN” port, although all the output ports can connect to Terminals or other TLD2s. 


TLD2 Port

Each TLD2 port is isolated and protected from external noise and signal disturbances. If a cable is damaged or a terminal receives a power surge only terminals “down stream” from the disturbance are effected.

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