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Time and Attendance Products

TT-CLOCK Payroll Time Clock

Just issue your employee’s their own bar coded badges and kiss manual payroll processing goodbye. Say hello to streamlined paydays and the many other benefits that bar code technology can bring to your business. Our Time & Attendance system can also provide you the means of capturing data about your work flow, labor allocation, job costing, inventory utilization, and many other facets of your business.

EC305 & EC305-FP Ethernet Time Clock

The EC305 and the EC305-FP with fingerprint reader are low cost ethernet time clocks that communicate over a 10BaseT network using TCP/IP protocol. It captures employee time & date stamp records and stores them locally until downloaded by a host computer. The operator interface consists of an LCD display and membrane switch keypad with additional input options for bar-code, mag-stripe, and RS-232 serial.

TAW32 – Time & Attendance for WindowsTM

TAW32 is a Windows based employee tracking software is also specifically designed for use with Time and Attendance products such as the TT-Clock and the EC305.

ED310 – Ethernet Time Display

The ED310 is a large character time of day clock that synchronizes with a host computer with an Ethernet network interface. Alarms can be set to trigger either the internal bell or an optional relay.