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SL1002 Barcode Slot Reader


The 1002 Barcode Slot Reader is an ideal reader for scanning barcode ID badges. With a variable scanning speed of up to one meter per second, this reader offers exceptional first read rates. The 1002 Barcode Slot Reader supports, both, visible red or infrared light sources. Its compact size, only 90mm long, allow unobtrusive installations. The 1002 Barcode Slot Reader is packaged in a metallic housing for use in harsh environments such as factories, parking garages (car parking), and many others. The 1002 Barcode Slot Reader offers TTL output for connection to external devices such as data collection units, time clocks etc. This is a durable, reliable and compact slot reader suitable for harsh environments.


  • Support Red & Infra-Red Light Sources
  • Output compatible with ComputerWise terminals
  • TTL Wand Emulation
  • Metal Housing with Protected Optics
  • Optional Mullion Mount (image)
Voltage 5V +/- 10%
Current 35mA (typical), 50mA (maximum)
Light Source Infra-Red (940 nm) /Red (660nm)
Resolution 0.15 mm
Card Thickness 1.0-1.5 mm
Minimum PCS 0.5
Scanning Speed 100-1000 mm/sec
Scanning Position 9mm from slid bed
Pin Assignment
1 Vcc, +5V
2 Signal
3 Ground
4 No Connection
5 Good Read L.E.D. (optional)
Temperature (operating) 0° to 40°C
Temperature (storage) -40° to 60°C
Humidity 5%-95% (non-condensing)
Physical Features
Dimension 91(L) x 33(H) x 36(W) mm 
3.9″(L) x 1.3″(H) x 1.4″(W)
Weight 252 g / 9 oz.
Connector DB 9 pin male
Quality Approved
FCC / CE Approved