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Service and Repair Policies and Procedures

ComputerWise services all products that it manufactures as well as most of the products which are made by other companies and sold by ComputerWise. There are exceptions to this in regards to non-manufactured goods which may require forwarding such equipment to the relevant third-party vendor for the necessary service.

ComputerWise reserves the right to make any decision about where and by whom any warranty service is to be performed. After the warranty period, or any extension thereof (paid or otherwise), the customer is welcome to obtain service wherever they choose.

ComputerWise has only one location, that of its main plant in Olathe, Kansas, where service and repairs are performed. The charges for such service is determined on a time and materials basis (i.e. parts and labor), and will be charged to the customer (equipment owner) except when such service is performed under warranty.

Return to Factory Service Procedure

  1. Call the Service Department at ComputerWise (913-829-0600) with the model and serial numbers of each product to be returned for repair.

  2. Obtain a Return Material Authorization number (RMA #) for the returned equipment.

  3. Ship the equipment to be serviced to the following address:

    (Marking the RMA # on the outside of the shipping box.)

    ComputerWise, Inc

    302 N. Winchester Lane

    Olathe, KS 66062

    ATTN: Service Dept.

    RMA # xxxxxxx

  1. Please convey, in writing, any helpful information about symptoms or defects which are known to you or suspected about each product that you are returning for service. Also specify, in writing, whom to contact for additional information about repair, replacement costs, etc.; along with their telephone number.

  2. Please indicate, in writing, the procedure you wish to be followed to bill you for the repair charges or the method of payment for the repair charges if a credit account is not established.

  3. ComputerWise products are covered by a 1-year return to factory warranty from the date of purchase. The warranty specific to the product is stated in the back of the user’s manual for that product. During the stated warranty period, ComputerWise will repair or replace the defective product, at its sole discretion, once the defective product has been received and evaluated by our service department. ComputerWise does not engage in “cross-shipped” exchanges in meeting its warranty .

Our instructions for performing a factory reset on select ComputerWise terminals:


This section lists the procedures for how to perform a factory reset on select ComputerWise terminals. The terminals are listed at the right; clicking on the model will take you to the instructions for the reset procedure.

If you have further questions, please contact our support line at 913-829-0600.