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Products Overview

Ethernet Terminals

The ET310 Series of Ethernet Terminals are low-cost data collection devices that communicate with a software application program (such as ) over a TCP/IP network. The operator interface consists of an alphanumeric display and a membrane keypad with additional input options for barcode mag-stripe, RS-232 serial, and RFID reader. Terminal control interface options include four relay outputs and four digital inputs with counters. Designed to support such applications as inventory control, WIP (Work in Progress), Records Management, labor tracking, access control, as well as attendance and other data collection applications, ET310 Series of Ethernet Terminals puts you in control of your critical data. 

Networked Terminals

ComputerWise manufactures a family of shop floor data collection terminals (TransTerm TM) with full-sized keypads. The keypads are hermetically sealed to protect the keys against moisture, dust, grease, and most chemicals and solvents. All shop floor terminals are built with aluminum to withstand harsh environments and handling. All of our shop floor data collection terminals will interface to any host computer which has an RS-232 serial communications port. The optional RS-422 compatible TNET interface allows multiple terminals to be multi-dropped in a network. [more]


Portable Data Collectors

Our portable data collection units store data in memory for uploading to a host computer at a later time through a standard RS-232 serial port. These handheld devices have non-volatile memory to provide continuous data storage reliability. The devices come with menu driven utility software that runs on a PC/AT/PS2 host. This software assists in uploading stored data, and in programming the portable devices. Optional carrying cases and scanning accessories are available. [more]

Time and Attendance Tracking

Our Time and Attendance system can also provide you the means of capturing data about your work flow, labor allocation, job costing, inventory utilization, and many other facets of your business. The EC305 Timeclock includes TAW32 Time and Attendance program[more] [other ethernet based options]

Data Collection 

ComputerWise manufactures barcode readers and decoders designed for handheld or stationary use. We also offer a wide-variety of data collection accessories including wands, ccd scanners, laser scanners, linear imagers, mag-stripe readers, RFID and barcode slot readers. All these accessories integrate seamlessly with ComputerWise products. [more]


We can provide a simple, easy-to-implement software solution for on-line shop floor data collection applications. Developers can install, configure, and have this software running in minutes on a TNET system. For customers developing their own application software, our XBASE compatible developer’s library will make the application software development fast and easy. Our WINNET program is a real-time interactive data collection software system with the capability of supporting up to 250 on-line shop floor terminals for conducting independent data collection sessions with each terminal/operator simultaneously. The new LABAR32 is a Windows-based program for the design and printing of barcode badges and labels. Ask us about our shop-floor software solutions. [more]

Custom Products

If your data collection project has unique or unusual requirements, contact us for customization information. ComputerWise has produced customized data collection devices for over 10 years.