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MR-211 Magnetic Stripe Card Reader

The MR-211 Magnetic Stripe card Reader (MSCR) option adds a manually operated reader to the TransTerm terminal (Models TT4CTT5, or TT6) which will read cards which meet the standards defined ANSI x4.13, ANSI x4.16, ISO 3554, and ISO 2894 in a single track configuration (Track 2).


The MR-211 is operated by properly inserting a recorder card into the slot in top of the reader at the “South” end such that the magnetic stripe on the card is on the bottom of the card on the side facing the “West” as the arrow is pointing to the “North.”  The card is then slid past the read head in an even motion with a slight downward pressure to hold the card firmly against the bottom of the guide slot.  Data properly decoded from a card is converted to its ASCII representation and then processed by the terminal’s control logic just as if the data had been entered from the terminal keyboard.  The terminal’s beeper will sound for each correct read operation.


Recording Method
Two-frequency coherent phase (F2F)
Data Density
75 Bits per inch
Data Format
Up to 40 digits of binary coded decimal digits each with parity plus a Start, Stop, and LRC characters.
Card Speed past read head from 3 to 125 inches per second
Power Consumption
6 milliamps additional
Operating Temperature
-30C to 70C

Operating Humidity
10% to 90% relative
Rated Life
300,000 scanner
4.0″l x 1.08″h x 1.62″w

.1875 lbs.
Available in black and off-white
Optional Mullion Mount