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ET316 Ethernet Terminal

Now available with Power over Ethernet (PoE)


The ET316 Ethernet Terminal is data collection device that communicates with a software application program over a TCP/IP network. The operator interface consists of an alphanumeric display and a membrane keypad with additional input options available. The ET316 unit is available with optional 802.11b/g wireless connectivity.


Theory of Operation

When the ET316 is connected to a 10/100BaseT Ethernet network it functions similar to a Telnet terminal. The host software can send commands and displayable messages to the terminal via the network. User input from the keypad, optional barcode, or mag-stripe reader is sent to the host software. To minimize network traffic the user input is transferred as complete strings instead of character by character. Strings are terminated by the Enter key and terminated with the ASCII characters. The barcode and mag-stripe input automatically include the Enter function.

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