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ED312 Ethernet Time Display

Now available with Power over Ethernet (PoE)


The ED312 is a six-digit, high visibility (4″ high digits), time of day Ethernet wall clock. The ED312’s Ethernet connection allows its internal time-of-day clock to be periodically synchronized with a host computer clock over the network. (See the ED210 for a four-digit model.)

Time can be displayed in either standard military (00:00 – 23:59) format or in AM/PM (12:00AM – 11:59PM) format. Alarms can be set to trigger either the internal bell or an optional relay. The network interface supports both 10BaseT and 100BaseT Ethernet connections. Optional 802.11b/g wireless connectivity is also available.

Some of the uses for the ED312:

• SNTP wall clock
• SNTP time display
• SNTP digital time display

• TCP/IP wall clock
• TCP/IP time display
• TCP/IP digital time display

• Ethernet wall clock
• Ethernet time display
• Ethernet digital time display


Theory of Operation

The ED312 can be used to display the current time, the timer value, or a message string. Selection of the display mode is dynamic and can be controlled through the network interface. A standard Telnet client or special application program can be used to control & configure the time display device.

As an employee time display, it can be synchronized to a master system clock via the network. Normally, a host computer on the network is designated as the master clock and will periodically update the time and date on all of the employee time clock (EC305) devices. The ED312 time display can be updated at the same time creating a completely synchronized timing system. A utility program (ET200UP) is provided with the ED312 that can be used to perform the update. If the host computer has internet access the system clock can also be synchronized with the NIST atomic clock.