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EC305 Ethernet Time Clock


See the new biometric ethernet clock: EC305-FP

The EC305/EC305-FP Ethernet Time Clock is a low cost data collection device that communicates over a 10/100BaseT network using TCP/IP protocol.  It captures employee records with a time & date stamp and stores them locally until downloaded by a host computer.  The time clock can be periodically synchronized with a host computer over the network using SNTP protocol or Telnet commands.  The operator interface consists of an LCD display and membrane switch keypad with additional input options for barcode, magstripe, RFID card, and RS232 serial. 

Custom prompts and validation logic can be uploaded into the clock.  The time clock can also be configured to trigger alarms at certain times of the day.  Up to four (4) optional relay outputs can be provided to control external devices.  The EC305FP also provides biometric validation using a fingerprint reader.  The WEC305/WEC305FP are wireless versions of the EC305/EC305FP which can communicate with a standard wireless access point.


The EC305/EC305FP is a complete redesign of the older EC205 time clock using newer technology and supporting additional features.  Some of the significant enhancements include (but are not limited to):

  • Reduced power consumption
  • Increased communications speed (10/100Mb)
  • Simple configuration with special AID protocol
  • Password protection for network communications
  • New web browser interface for configuration
  • More data storage memory
  • Additional commands for more control
  • Improved fingerprint reader technology (EC305FP)
  • Optional Power Over Ethernet (POE)
  • Optional wireless Ethernet (802.11b/g)
  • Lower Price Point

Possible Applications for the EC305 Time Clock include:

  • Access Control
  • Attendance tracking
  • Employee tracking
  • Employee attendance tracking
  • Labor tracking
  • Labour tracking
  • Membership tracking
  • Member tracking
  • Employee access
  • Member Access
  • Member attendance
  • Membership attendance
  • member attendance tracking
  • Membership attendance tracking
  • Student access
  • Student attendance
  • Student attendance tracking
  • Student tracking


Theory of Operation

The EC305/EC305FP time clock is programmed to operate as a data collection device and configured for a time and attendance application.  A configuration file (DCC.CFG) provides the prompt logic and validation information.  The default prompting logic can be modified by uploading a new configuration file into the clock (see Prompt Logic).  Operator responses are stored in a data file (DCC.DAT) in the clock until downloaded by a host computer.  Once the data has been downloaded it is erased from the clock memory.  Because of the extreme flexibility of the configuration file the time clock can be used for many applications in addition to time and attendance.