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Portable Data Collectors

  • Our portable data collection units store data in memory for uploading to a host computer at a later time through a standard RS-232 serial port. These handheld devices have non-volatile memory to provide continuous data storage reliability.
  • The devices come with menu driven utility software that runs on a PC/AT/PS2 host. This software assists in uploading stored data, and in programming the portable devices.
  • Optional¬†carrying cases and scanning accessories¬†are available.

TransTm 7C Handheld Data Collector

Use this device as a terminal or as a programmable data collection device for collecting and storing alpha/ numeric data. This handheld device inputs data from an optional bar code wand, or from its keypad that includes eight user programmable function keys. After entering data, a user can scroll entries on the display, and change, delete, or rearrange the information with simple keyboard commands. This unit also dates and time stamps data.

TransTerm 8B Handheld Basic Computer

This fully programmable, handheld computer is ideal for complex applications where needs change frequently. The TransTerm 8 can make calculations on data, check and validate scanned data, and reject improperly formatted data. Date and time stamping of collected data is optional.

PDS-1 Portable Data Collector

This handheld scanner reads bar codes with a digital wand and stores up to 32,000 characters (128K optional). The device also has an on-board real-time clock for date and/or time stamping scanned data. An audible beep and a LED provide operator feed-back.