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Computerwise introduces its first wireless models as an option to our standard ET210 series of ethernet terminals and peripherals.

Ethernet Terminals

Computerwise now has available 802.11B/G wireless versions of all of its Ethernet Terminals: (ET214/ET215/ET216/ET219) and peripheral devices (EP210/ED210/ED212). These models are equipped with a built-in industry standard modem capable of connecting with any industry standard wireless access point or wireless router. Basically, these terminals and peripherals will perform just as do their counterpart non-wireless models, but without a cabled connection to an Ethernet LAN. The wireless models are as follows: WET214, WET215, WET216 and WET219.

Wireless TNET

Also available are wireless versions of the popular TNET terminals (TT4E, TT5E, TT6E, and TT9E) which can be substituted for the standard wired models functionally while severing the restriction of cabling. These units can also be equipped with built-in NMH rechargeable battery packs and thereby severing their power connection as well (except for periodic charging).


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