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TT-Clock Time and Attendance Recording System

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System advantages
Datasheet (128k/PDF documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF)


The TT-Clock is a state-of-the-art electronic time recording unit. Your employees simply pass their personal ID badge through the TT-Clock barcode badge reader or touch their personal "Touch Key" to record their individual arrival and departure times. The ID numbers which are read from the badge or Touch Key and the time stamp values are stored in the TT-Clock's internal memory. At convenient intervals, simple commands entered on your PC's keyboard will cause the TT-Clock to be polled and the stored "punches" to be batch uploaded into a file on the PC. The transactions thus collected are then error checked, reconciled, and stored in the employee database file maintained by the Time and Attendance program.

The TT-Clock with its own microprocessor, memory and crystal controlled time base, operates independent of your PC and serves as a stand-alone time clock, or it can be configured for more sophisticated data collection applications such as labor distribution, job-cost allocation, work order tracking, etc. This additional data collected with the TT-Clock can be separated and processed once it is uploaded into your computer.

Possible Applications for the TT-Clock include:

  • Access Control
  • Attendance tracking
  • Employee tracking
  • Employee attendance tracking
  • Labor tracking
  • Labour tracking
  • Membership tracking
  • Member tracking
  • Employee access
  • Member Access
  • Member attendance
  • Membership attendance
  • member attendance tracking
  • Membership attendance tracking
  • Student access
  • Student attendance
  • Student attendance tracking
  • Student tracking


  • No key-entry required for clocking in or out
  • Liquid Crystal display presents entered data, current date and time values as well as user defined prompts.
  • Numeric keypad plus eight function keys.
  • Audible beeper for good read.
  • 3000+ "punch" memory capacity, expandable to 12,000+
  • Lithium battery backup for memory.
  • Bi-directional RS-232 communication with the host PC for TT-Clock programming and uploading (RS-422 for multiple units).
  • Durable molded structural ABS enclosure
  • Optional bar code wand or laser scanner.
  • Optional built-in modem.
  • Optional access control relay output.
  • Optional scheduled alarm output.

System Advantages

With barcode badges...
Using inexpensive barcoded badges which you can create in-house with a laser printer and a laminator, your employees will appreciate the simplicity of swiping their badge through the TT-Clock's badge reader. Code 39 symbology is typically used for the barcoded employee ID number and can include a checksum for greater error protection. The standard TT-Clock badge reader is a visible light reader (infrared is optional).

TT-Clock with Badge Reader

With touch key memories...
An alternate model of the TT-Clock is available with a touch key memory reader instead of the badge reader. Touch memory technology uses a miniature cell (similar to a lithium watch battery) that is pre-encoded with a unique serial number that can be electronically read by the TT-Clock when the cell is held momentarily against the red head. Each employee has their own touch key to clock in and out with. The Touch key is virtually indestructible and cannot be modified or duplicated.

TT-Clock with Touch Reader



Computer Requirements
  • Win 9x/NT/2000 based PC
  • CD-ROM drive, 85meg HD
  • Serial communications port (DB-25M)
  • Printer
  • DOS 3.3 or later, WIN 9x / NT / 2000
  • Super Twist Liquid Crystal Technology
  • Two-lines x 24 character positions capable of displaying 96 ASCII characters (uppercase and lowercase alpha plus numeric and special characters)
  • 5 x 7 dot matrix font, .179" high by .124" wide (4.55mm x 3.15mm).
  • Blinking cursor symbol
  • Variable contrast control from keyboard, or remotely from ESC command sequence
  • Optional electroluminescent backlight available
  • 24 key membrane with polycarbonate graphics overlay.
  • Hermetically sealed keys on .75" center to center placement
  • Eight legendable function keys
  • Audible keyclick for data entry feedback
  • Serial asynchronous full duplex ASCII coding.
  • EIA RS-232 compatible interface
  • Data Format -
    1 start bit
    7/8 data bits
    1 Optional parity bit (even, odd, mark, space)
    1 stop bit
  • Baud rates - 110, 150, 300, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19.2K
  • Serial Port Interface
Optional Communications
  • 1200 baud internal modem
  • 2400 Baud external modem


  • 128 bytes EEPROM, 32K PROM, 32K RAM (128K RAM optional)


  • Intel 80C52


  • Height: 9.25" (235mm)
  • Width: 8.5" (216mm)
  • Depth 2.0" (51mm)


  • Basic Unit: 2.25 lbs. (.975 kg)
  • Power Adapter: .50 lbs. (.230 kg)

Operating Environment

  • Temperature: 0º-60º C (-4ºto +158º F)
  • Humidity : 0% to 100%

Electrical Power (input to power adapter)

  • Domestic: 105-125 Vrms, 2 wire
  • Current (Max.): 500 milliamps
  • Rated power: 5 VA

Power Consumptions (from 12Vdc source)

  • Basic TT-CLOCK: 150 ma.
  • SSW-40 Wand: +5 ma.
  • Backlight Option: +40 ma.
  • CCD Scanner: +150 ma.
  • Laser Scanner: +175 ma.


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