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Time and Attendace for DOS

Database Program
(Included with TT-CLOCK)

The TIME & ATTENDANCE software package (TA) is a menu-driven DOS program designed to work with the ComputerWise TT-CLOCK time clock to keep track of employee hours.

System Requirements
The program requires a PC/XT/AT DOS based computer with either a COM1 or COM2 serial port. The TA program is written in dBase IV and the executable version is Clipper compiled. (The source will work with some versions of dBase, FoxBASE, or Clipper with minor modifications). The executable program and dBase IV source code are available from ComputerWise.

Enhancements for Version 2.00;

o Department data collection and reporting.
o Improved data Import and Restore.


o The TT-CLOCK collects employee time records.
o TA uploads these time records from the TT-CLOCK and converts them into time transactions on a PC.
o TA maintains an employee information, and a department information database file.
o Using these three database files, TA creates and prints a variety of employee and departmental time reports.
o T&A has the ability to edit, import, export, backup and restore information from these database files.

TA Utilities:

TA can upload
employee, department time and/or date stamped data from the TT-CLOCK.

TA can create, edit and print employee, department and transaction database files.

TA can import and export employee, department and transaction database files.

TA can backup and restore employee, department and transaction database files.

TA can create, edit and print several reports including;
Individual employee time reports.
Summary time transaction reports.
Detailed department transaction reports.
Summary department transaction reports.

TA can call An executable program with the ASCII text file. This could be a spreadsheet, word processor or payroll program.

The TA Operator's Manual, TT-CLOCK Operator's Handbook and CLOCKREF.DOC file (on diskette) are available from ComputerWise for more information.
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