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Attendance Tracking over Ethernet

EC305 & EC305-FP Ethernet Time Clock

EC205 EC205-FP
EC305 Standard EC305-FP with fingerprint reader

The EC305 and the EC305-FP (biometric) Ethernet Time Clock are dedicated ethernet time clocks. They capture employee time and date stamp records and store them locally until downloaded by a host computer. The operator interface consists of an LCD display and membrane switch keypad with additional input options for bar-code, mag-stripe, RS-232 serial, and fingerprint identification (EC305-FP only).

ET315 Ethernet Terminal

ET215 Ethernet Terminal

With an identical user-interface to the EC305, this terminal offers low-cost data collection capability over a TCP/IP network. With the DCNET software application program , the application program can be configured to operate the ET315 as a time clock. [more]

TAW32 - Time & Attendance for WindowsTM

Time & Attendance (TAW32) software is a simple to use WindowsTM program designed to retrieve, compile and report attendance data for payroll purposes that has been collected by the ComputerWise TT-CLOCK, any of the ET10x family of Ethernet Workstations, the EC305 Ethernet Clock, or other compatible data collection device. [more]
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