ComputerWise TT5

Restoring Factory Default SETUP Values

In certain circumstances, due to known or unknown causes, the TT5 may fail to operate properly, or may become locked out of the SETUP mode because Bit 7 of Register 3 has been set to a ‘1‘. In either of these situations, the following procedure(s) will clear the terminal‘s setup memory and reprogram it with the original setting that it contained when it arrived from the factory.

TransTerm 5 Procedure

  1. Disconnect TT5 from power.
  2. Remove right side endcap and back panel.
  3. Install a jumper between pins 1 and 20 of the 40-pin LSI IC controller.
  4. Apply power to TT5 and wait for power-up reset to complete.
  5. Remove power from TT5.
  6. Remove jumper installed in step 3.
  7. Re-assemble enclosure.
  8. Restore TT5 SETUP to your requirements.

TransTerm 5A, 5C Procedure

  1. Disconnect the unit from power.
  2. Press and hold both the S1 (red) and the S2 (blue) keys.
  3. Apply power to the unit, wait for power-up reset to complete.
  4. Release the S1 and S2 keys.
  5. Remove power from the unit.
  6. Apply power.
  7. Restore unit's SETUP to your requirements.







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