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TAW32 - Time & Attendance for WindowsTM

System Requirements
Input Devices
Taw32 Reports Output
Software options
TAW32 Datasheet (109k/PDF documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader pdf)

TAW32 software is a simple to use Visual Foxpro program designed to retrieve, compile and report attendance data for payroll purposes that has been collected by the Computerwise TT-CLOCK, any of the ET20x family of Ethernet Workstations, the EC305 Ethernet Clock, or other compatible data collection device.

System Requirements
The TAW32 program requires a Win9x PC with at least 4Mbytes of RAM memory, 10Mbytes of hard disk capacity, and a COM1 or COM2 serial port in the case of the TT-CLOCK or a 10BaseT Ethernet NIC in the case of any of the data collectors.

The TT-CLOCK (or any of the other compatible data collectors) collects the raw transaction records containing the employee’s ID number along with the time and date stamps and stores this data in its memory (The ET10x may also be configured to store data on your server). This event data is uploaded by TAW32 at the direction of the operator and is sorted and correlated by TAW32 and stored in the time transaction database file. TAW32 maintains this transaction database as well as a separate employee, department, and work order database files. Manual corrections and changes to the collected data can be made by the operator after the data is posted to the database and reports can then be displayed and/or printed.

TAW32 can perform the following functions under operator direction:

  1. Enter, edit, and delete employee, department, work order and time transaction data.
  2. Upload employee/department/work order/time transactions from the data collection device (TT-CLOCK, or other compatible data collector).
  3. Import and export employee, department, and transaction data.
  4. Create, display, and print transaction reports including:
    • Employee detailed time transaction report
    • Employee summary time report
    • Detailed department transaction reports
    • Detailed work order time transaction report
    • Summary department time report
    • Summary work order time report
  5. Backup and restore employee, department and transaction database files.
  6. Execute a user-defined post-processing program which can be used to manipulate the output data file created by TAW32 and produce an import file for one of the many payroll programs.

Input Devices
The TAW32 is compatible with several Computerwise data collection devices including the TT-CLOCK, EC205, TT7C, ET10x and the PDS-1. Contact Computerwise for more information on any of these devices.

Taw32 Reports Output
All reports under TAW32 can be presented on the display or printed. All time values are in hours and decimal 100ths of an hour.

Screen shots of sample reports

The Employee Time Transaction report can be generated for a single employee or a range of employees. Each employee’s time is totaled for the requested period of days.

The Department Summary report lists each department by department ID as well as the name  and code and shows a total number of hours accumulated by employees working within those departments between any two times.

The Department by Job Code report displays the total hours worked by employees according to their job code.

The Employee Summary report can be generated for a single employee on a range of employees.  Each employee’s total time is presented for the specified time period.

Software Options
The TAW32 CD includes a TAW16 for 16-bit versions of Windows™. Please contact ComputerWise for more information.

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