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We can provide a simple, easy-to-implement software solution for on-line shop floor data collection applications. Developers can install, configure, and have this software running in minutes on a TNET system.

For customers developing their own application software, our XBASE compatible developer's library will make the application software development fast and easy.


Winnet (Windows Data Collection)
TAW32 (Time and Attendance for Windows)
DCENET (Data collection for ethernet terminals)
LABAR32 (Barcode badge and label creation)
Third-Party Software Vendors

WINNET - Windows Data Collection

WINNET is an on-line real-time interactive data collection software system with the capability of supporting up to 250 on-line shop floor terminals for conducting independent data collection sessions with each terminal/operator simultaneously. WINNET offers sophisticated user definable prompt definition, physical and logical data validation criteria, magnitude limits comparison and branching, Boolean decision branching and identity list comparison. Data collected is stored in standard ASCII text files. New features include access control capabilities and direct machine interfacing. [more]

TAW32 - Time and Attendance for Windows

TAW32 software is a simple to use program designed to retrieve, compile and report attendance data for payroll purposes that has been collected by the Computerwise TT-CLOCK, any of the ET10x family of Ethernet Workstations, the EC305 Ethernet Clock, or other compatible data collection device. [more]

DCENET Data Collection Program

The DCENET program is used to capture factory data over an Ethernet LAN from network data collection devices. It is specifically designed to work in conjunction with the ET210 series of Ethernet data collection products manufactured by Computerwise, Inc. [more]

LABAR32 -Barcode Label and Badge Printer Program

The Labar32 Program is used to print bar-code labels and badges on a standard system printer. This program is a newer, Windows based version of the older DOS Labar program. [more]

Third-party Software

Use these links to find companies who manufacture software compatible with ComputerWise terminals.

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