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Information Request

We have provided this page to allow you an easy way to request information, and the choice how to receive it. We hope this form facilitates our understanding of your needs.

If you would like to receive more information about any of our products please fill out the contact information form and check the boxes for products which you would like to learn more about.

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Online Networked Terminals (TNET) Portble Data Collectors
TT4C TT7C, TT7B (Portable Data Collector)
TT5, TT5A, TT5C TT8B (Portable BASIC Computer)
TT6, TT6A, TT6B PDS-1 (Portable Data Scanner)
TT9A, TT9B Time and Attendance
TSD1 (Access Reader) TT-CLOCK
TLD2 (Line Driver) EC305 Ethernet Time Clock
TIM1B (TNET Controller) EC305-FP Biometric Time Clock
Barcode Readers and Scanners TAW32 Time and Attendance (see software)
WD-1 (PC/AT/MAC Wedge) Ethernet Terminals
SD-1 (Serial Wedge) ET314
WiseWand 1 (Low-power RS-232 Wand) ET315
WiseWand 2 (Low-power PS-2 Wand) ET316
Accessories ET319
CCD-81T Handheld CCD Scanner ED310 Ethernet Time Display
MR211 Magnetic Stripe Card Reader EP310 Ethernet Peripheral
QS6100 Handheld Laser Barcode Scanner Software
SL1002/3 Barcode Slot Reader DCDOS (Ethernet Workstation Application)
SSW-40 Barcode Wand Scanner (Metal) DCNET (Ethernet Terminal Application)
WA3800 Handheld Linear Imager TAW32 (Time & Atttendace)
  WINNET (TNET Windows Data Collection)
  LABAR32 (Barcode Badge and Label printing)

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