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Port Connections
PDS-1 Datasheet (PDF/118k)


The PDS-1 (Portable Data Scanner) is a battery powered portable bar code reader and data storage device capable of collecting and storing several thousand bar code scans along with an optional date and/or time value for later upload to a computer. The PDS-1 is configured with 32,000 characters of storage capacity (128K optional), an RS-232 serial I/O port and a time-of-day clock. The unit comes with a digital bar code wand, a serial cable, an upload utility program for PC/AT/PS2 computers, and an AC charging adapter.


  • Scans and autodiscriminates all major bar code symbologies including
  • UPC (A and E), EAN (8 and 13), Code 39, Code 128, Interleaved 2 of 5, and CODABAR.
  • Supports any digital wand or bar code slot reader and most handheld laser or CCD scanners with on-board decoding (The SSW-40 wand is normally included with the PDS-1).
  • Audible "beep" and an L.E.D. light indicate each valid decode.
  • Powered by four (4) AA Size Ni-Cad batteries (user replaceable).
  • 32,000 character data storage memory with Lithium backup battery.
  • RS-232 port for data uploading and setup programming.
  • Selectable baud rates of 110,300,600,1200,2400,4800,9600,19.2K.
  • User programmable operating features via the RS-232 port with ESC- ape commands or with a barcoded menu.
  • Optional 128,000 character memory
Some of the programmable features are:
  • Serial port baud rate, data bits and parity.
  • Enable/disable X-on/X-off protocol.
  • Enable/disable each bar code symbology.
  • Set min./max. digits for each symbology.
  • Enable/disable auto power down.
  • Enable/disable auto TIME stamping.
  • Enable/disable auto DATE stamping.
  • Load preamble text string.
  • Load postamble text string.
  • Load identity text string.
  • Load terminator code.
  • Load Delimiter code.

The PDS-1 is powered by ni-cad batteries which will sustain its operation for over 10 hours of continuous scanning. Normally, with the auto-power-down feature enabled, the PDS-1 will turn itself off after a selected time interval, thus extending the battery life by 50 to 100 percent. Or, it can even be setup to shut itself off after each successful scan.


POWER L.E.D - On to indicate power is applied, flashes to indicate a low battery.

SCAN L.E.D. - Flashes once to indicate a successful bar code scan. Flashes intermittently to indicate memory full.

Port Connections

RS-232 Serial Communications Port (DE-9M 9-pin male)
  1. Pin Signal
  2. Carrier detect
  3. Transmitted data
  4. Received data
  5. Data Terminal Ready
  6. Signal Ground
  7. Data set ready
  8. Request to send
  9. Clear to send
  10. Ring detect

Wand Port (5-pin DIN jack)
Pin Signal

  1. 5Vdc power out
  2. TTL signal input
  3. Ground
  4. No connection
  5. No connection


Light weight injection molded ABS plastic.
Height: 1.3" (33 mm)
Width: 3.6" (90 mm)
Length: 6.1" (150 mm)
Basic unit: 12.2 ounces (345 grams)
Charger: 8.2 ounces (230 grams)
Wand: 3.8 ounces (106 grams)
Carrying Case: 2.6 ounces (76 grams)
Operating Environment:
Temperature: 0 to 60 deg. C. (32 to 120 deg.F.)
Humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing
Storage Environment:
Temperature: -20 to 70 deg. C. (-4 to 158 deg.F.)
Humidity: 0% to 99%
Electrical Power Requirement (input to charging adapter):
Domestic: 105-125 Vrms
Overseas: 198-256 Vrms
Frequency: 47-63 Hertz
Power Consumption:
PDS-1: 20.0 milliamps
Wand: 3.5 milliamps
Battery Life: 8,000 scans
EMI/RFI Emissions: Meets FCC Part 15 Class A limits.
Warranty: Limited one (1) year parts and labor.
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