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We will meet your needs....
If your data collection project has unique or unusual requirements, contact us for customization information. ComputerWise has produced customized data collection devices for over 10 years. We are extremely flexible in providing custom data collection devices with realistic delivery dates. We also private label our products for other companies around the world. Our manufacturing capabilities enable us to provide custom products with a short lead time.

Typical Customization Includes:

  • Your name printed on the case
  • Custom preprinted keypad overlays using your type style and color scheme
  • Customized enclosure
  • Custom mounting brackets
  • Custom cables.

We can also provide: - Custom input devices - Custom displays - Custom keypads - and  - Custom firmware to your meet your specifications. We have the engineering resources to customize any of our standard products or design a completely unique product for your requirements.

Examples of our customs units:
IP67 rated waterproof enclosure
TT5 with custom enclosure for airline industry
NEMA rated enclosure for TNET terminals.
Custom enclosure with backlight keys.
TT5C w/custom enclosure and RFID reader
Special side-mounted slot-reader for the ET215
Special mounted magstripe reader
Custom unit and magstripe reader


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