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Data Collection Accessories

Data collection accessories such asslot readers, wands, and handheld scanners work in conjunction with our line of shop-floor data-collection terminals.  Click on the number for more information about a particular scanner.


  1. Wand Holder (910219)
  2. QS6100 Handheld Scanner
  3. CCD-81T Handheld CCD Scanner
  4. SL1002 (Visible) / SL1003 (IR) Barcode Slot Reader
  5. MR211 Magnetic Stripe Card Reader
  6. SSW-40 Barcode Wand Scanner (Metal)
  7. Universal Barcode scanner holder/cradle (recommended for QS6100 & IS4500)
  8. IS4500 Linear Imager


CCD-81T QS6000 SL1002 MR211 IS4500

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